Grandaddy and Grandmom

As you can see by browsing our VA posts, we had a lot of wonderful times. The kids had all kinds of adventures and learning experiences. My absolute favorite thing of all, though, was seeing my kids with their grandparents. Here are just a few of my favorite pictures of all the wonderful grandaddy and grandmom time…


Always a favorite…”here we go a rockin, tickin and a tockin…”


Playing peggity with Grandmom- this was a game I used to play with my Grandma.


Looking at Grandaddy’s scrapbooks


Drawing lessons


Eliza loved playing Scrabble with Grandaddy and Grandmom


Sharing a milkshake with Grandmom after a fun day antique shopping in Verona (fun for mommy anyway)


Inspecting Uncle Dan’s truck made Silas feel like a real man, you could tell.




Dad had the great idea of making a tent for Silas to sleep in- we didn’t have much arguing about bedtime after that (or late nice house prowling for bananas). They even gave us the tent to take to Ohio, and he’s still sleeping in his fort here.


And probably Silas’s favorite activity of all- racing Grandaddy on the electric car and lawn mower. He talked a big game until his battery ran out each time. When we left there was a well worn track in the lawn from these daily races. 🙂

Separate posts on tee-pee building, a trip to Washington D.C. and making dewy buns still coming! Thanks for all the wonderful times for our kids, Dad and Mom- they will remember this for a long, long time. 


One thought on “Grandaddy and Grandmom

  1. Eve says:

    Fun pictures!

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