Happy Day

The first day we were all back together in VA was a really wonderful one! We had all been really missing each other and it was so great to hug and talk and talk. I found myself staring at Claire all day- I felt like she had grown a foot since I saw her three weeks before! Silas was super happy to be reunited with Daddy too and kept leaning over and saying “I miss you Dad!” with a hug. Tom’s parents came to VA for the weekend too so that they could see Claire and Tom too. Here are a few pictures of our first day together and our first taste of warm Spring weather at Wildwood Park (site of one of my first dates with Tom and a year later, of our engagement pictures!)…

So happy to be at Grandaddy’s house!

So fun to see these girls back together.

Sunday also happened to be Grandpa’s birthday, so after the park we went out for Mexican food and had some cake at home.

Happy Birthday with lots of love Grandpa/Dad!

More pictures soon to come- I’m a little overwhelmed by the volume of pictures and activities we’ve done since we’ve arrived!



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