Grand Caverns

One really fun part of our visit so far has been people planning adventures for us! My sister Anita planned a little field trip to a potato chip factory and covered bridge which you can read about and see pictures of here at her blog.  My brother Dietrich and his wife Abigail took me out for a great concert at the Mockingbird in Stanton.  Aunt Rebekah has been taking the girls out for individual auntie time. Thanks, guys!  My dad planned a really fun day for us at Grand Caverns. He even grilled lunch for us while we went on the tour- how spoiled are we???  The kids loved the cold, dark underground and all the beautiful cave formations. It made me realize that as a family, we are growing up and could all really enjoy an educational experience like this one- no babies! At one point the tour guide asked who could find a rabbit formation on the wall and Silas saw it and got to point it out to the rest of the group with the tour guide’s flashlight- he was over the moon about that! Thanks Dad, for a really special day!



One thought on “Grand Caverns

  1. Doris says:

    Thanks sharing the pictures. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with family! I can’t wait to see you next Sunday! 🙂

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