Sorry for the neglect of this poor blog lately! Things have been pretty hectic, particularly this week as we get ready for our big trip to the States. For those who haven’t heard, Silas, Eliza and myself are leaving tonight (Sunday), because my visa is expiring today. Claire and Tom will follow in a few weeks when she is finished with her exams. We are not happy about all the time apart, but it is the way things have worked out and we’re grateful for a chance to catch up with friends and family in the States (am I right that only ex-pats call the U.S. “the States” ?? :)).

This crazy week involved a lot of packing and good-byes. Lunch with several friends, a big restaurant dinner with our church group, a potluck with our team and final meeting, etc.  Add in regular work, Valentines and Claire’s birthday and it was quite a week!   Since today is leaving day, I don’t feel like I have time to post pics here.   We had a wonderful celebration of Claire’s 9th birthday at a waterpark and I’m putting some pictures on facebook that you can see here.

I would very much appreciate your prayers for me and the kids tonight as we travel. It makes me very nervous to travel internationally alone with two kids- but I know that we can trust God to get us through it. Please pray for stretches of sleep for all of us and that if my plan A to entertain the kids doesn’t work, that plan B, C, or D will. 🙂 Please pray for Tom and Claire at home too, and especially Claire as she heads into intense exams. Thank you and see many of you soon! Excited!


One thought on “Nine!

  1. Bernie Geiser says:

    WELCOME Candice, Eliza & Silas!! Can’t wait to see you, but we’ll let you catch some sleep first. (: And Tom & Claire, we are praying for you. Claire, you get that school all finished & get on that plane soon & we’ll look forward to seeing you too!!
    love you guys!! Aunt Bernie

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