Another G and M

For the last two weeks we were lucky to have family visiting! We had a wonderful time reconnecting with George and Mindy and the kids were really in love with having an aunt and uncle around paying attention to them (Silas was in showing-off heaven). Here’s just a few pictures (of many!) of some of things we did together. It was really fun to have adventures and do touristy stuff together and also have plenty of time to walk around our neighborhood, take them to the kid’s schools, meet some of our friends, eat in our restaurants and food stands and spend time relaxing at home. They had a taste of our city but also of our “normal” life.

Touring Wat Po after a river boat ride on the Chao Phraya

Having some mango sticky rice (best dessert of Thailand in our opinion).

Dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant followed by a songtaew (pickup) ride home.

A fun surprise on the way home (above picture)…we hopped off the truck to feed sugar cane to this adorable baby elephant who happened to be the same age as Silas!

Over the weekend, we took a six hour van ride to the North and visited the town of Sukothai (former capital of Thailand). The ruins were peaceful and beautiful and we had fun riding our bikes to many of the sites.  The temple pictured above was also a nesting grounds for a huge number of storks which added quite a noisy and smelly ambiance to this particular ruins.

Another highlight for the kids was the fact that they each got a pot of hot chocolate with their hotel breakfast!

On the way home, we stopped in Lopburi, also known as monkey town.  The monkeys in the temple ruins there rule the place. They are rather aggressive and crazy.  Claire was brave enough to feed a few babies and George let some crawl on him. Eliza and I hid out and watched from a distance.  Their teeth are scary and there are so many of them they remind me of rats.

George and Mindy got a cooking lesson from these two ladies: Wanna and Geat.  Afterwards we had a Bible study together with our group and everyone took pictures of the giant from America. 🙂

George and Mindy- we are so happy you came! It was so fun to share our life with you and we are looking forward to seeing you in just a few weeks in the U.S.!







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