School Holiday! :)

My sister Rebekah recently reminded me that we have a Rhodes family tradition of sleeping by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve or on a night near Christmas… I think this was one of those late- evolving traditions that happened mostly after I moved away, but I think it’s a fun one and thought it would be fun to try out this year. When we skyped with our family in Morocco on Christmas Eve, Dara was talking excitedly about watching Sound of Music and sleeping together in the living room that night. So, we gave it a try too, and Dara, you’re right, it was really, really fun!


Playing a new game called Quarkle (we LOVED it- thanks Gail and Del!!).

Cupcakes (decorated by Claire) and popcorn

A  sit-up show-down between Eliza and Tom (Silas and Daddy warming up).

Apples to Apples

Tom scaring us to death with a firecracker after lights out

Silas crying to go back to bed upstairs after scare (ahem)

Finally, everyone settling down to sleep on rows of mats by the tree.

Morning snuggle

Breakfast picnic

On another vacation day, I taught Eliza how to play scrabble and she stuck with it for a whole game! How fun! I’m so excited to have another partner in Scrabble (although Tom does graciously play me from time to time too).

New Year’s Eve we had Joe and Lynn and Brennan over for pizza and cards (and lots of noisemaking and hat/mask wearing).

On our last vacation day we got all excited to go skating, dug out jeans and socks and jackets (a challenge let me tell you), and went to the rink only to find it shut down for renovations, sigh. So, we ate at McDonalds and walked to the park to feed bread to the turtles. Not quite the same, but skating is still on the agenda.

Happy New Year to all of you. We have a big month of travel and hosting ahead so I have a feeling January will be a fast month. Tom and Silas went to a wedding for a few days this week so he’ll  report on some very interesting Thai wedding customs…coming soon!



2 thoughts on “School Holiday! :)

  1. Brittany Nisly says:

    Looks like such a fun family night. Tom and his sneaky pranks…did he regret it after Silas was crying? Haha

  2. Philip says:

    Very happy new year to you all too! Am finally taking a break from the craziness to catch up with blogs and loving (as usual) your creative family times in Thailand! Much much love to you all. Looking forward to seeing you all before too long!! -P

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