Christmas Morning

the Christmas Bunny is forcibly made to wear a bow

stockings are opened, story is read, songs are sung and cinnamon rolls are eaten

as a gift, the girls have learned and sing “O Holy Night”, my favorite Christmas song. Precious.

happy giving and getting

asian dolls from Ikea

beautiful cards

keepsake gift. Claire wrote me a 21 page story in 4 days called “Over the Wall”. I saw her working feverishly on it in her spare moments after school leading up to school. It’s a fantasy about what might be “over the wall” at the end of our street.  I could not love it more.

Silas receives tool belt from grandparents- immediate fierce, industrious fixing ensues.

Another typical Christmas morning scene- the girls get books and the reading begins. They began to find it literally hard to sit and continue opening presents- they were so ready to dissapear upstairs to play with their gifts.  When we finished, we only saw them at meals for the rest of the day. 😉

Silas got many things to fuel his obsession with “things that go”

breakfast break. Virginia ham from Anita!

beloved gift from Mast grandparents put to immediate use

The rest of Christmas day involved a lot of the following: playing with new toys, eating candy, napping, reading, Christmas music, watching A Christmas Carol on tv and general relaxing. Tom and I got to play some Scrabble and open our gifts together. It was a wonderful day!

candlelit dinner- shimp, alfredo penne, green beans.



One thought on “Christmas Morning

  1. I LOVE the girls wanted to read their books right away! I hope our kids are like that!! And, we almost got the kids that kitchen from IKEA! I love it…I might have to go back for it for Three King’s DAy if they will put it on sale! What fun they are having!! Enjoyed catching up and reading your last several posts.

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