13 and counting!

Tom and I were really lucky to get to go on a fantastic date for our anniversary this year! We got a whole 24 hours to ourselves and it was so wonderful!! It was so much fun “sneaking” out and leaving our house full of kiddos to our sweet friend Colleen and heading out to the city. We took some pictures on our way in along the skytrain tracks…

Still mentally adjusting to the idea that we are “middle-aged” type folks who could actually OLD enough to be married for 13 years. Gulp.

Handsome husband. So happy to be married to him and to have time alone together! (see the skytrain coming?). I think this should be his author photo for the back of his book, don’t you?

A little Christmas (New Years) festivity downtown. Our neighborhood doesn’t look the slightest bit like Christmas, so it’s fun to see the decorated downtown malls (even though it’s for all the wrong- commercial- reasons!).

Tom says we posted a picture just like this last year. So what? We love hamburgers (saving our money for the next morning- you’ll see why).

This picture is just pure happiness to me…we found an office depot in our wanderings and I pounced on this red/white twine for 27 baht (86 cents) a spool. Tom can tell you how excited I got. Then a Starbucks peppermint mocha and a glimpse of the romantic eclipsed moon! Aaaah.

Here’s how Mennonite we are! We stayed at the Christian Guesthouse so we could save money for breakfast at a fancy hotel! 🙂 This is us on the boat headed to the hotel. I wish every date could include a boat ride.

Admiring the details at the Mandarin Oriental. We were blown away by this beautiful place. Still happy we didn’t blow a month’s rent by staying here but enjoyed our stroll through the lobby/gardens being pretend rich people.

River view from hotel.

More of the mesmerizing hotel beauty. Those are REAL flowers in those huge chandeliers, guys. Seriously.

Famous people who visit Thailand often stay here. Fancy and historic (it’s been open for 135 years). I was in love with this little sitting room. The bathrooms were the fanciest ever- they smelled like peppermint and had linen hand towels and fresh flowers and amenities boxes (Tom is proud owner of cotton buds from the Mandarin Oriental).

Dining room/beautiful river view for our brunch.

Pretty much every single biteful was heaven. And it was almost all food we never eat here, so it was pretty fabulous! This is only the appetizers!

Dessert! I finally got to try the oh so trendy macaroons. The passion fruit were my favorite flavor.

I have to tell you one funny story before I stop. In the beginning, we were feeling a little intimidated by all the fancy people- this was not our usual crowd or environment. However, there was one special lady that made us feel right at home. As we started eating (this was a brunch buffet), a  fashionable old lady came in. She sat right in front of us so I had a great view of her pulling a plastic bag out of her purse and unloading a whole plate of ham into it! I started to feel pretty sophisticated after that. I had fun for the rest of the meal watching her pull out bags and fill them up- she is going to be enjoying those macaroons for a few days at home.  I was pretty impressed with her skills. :)

Anyway, it was a wonderful date and we feel thankful, lucky and blessed by our marriage!


2 thoughts on “13 and counting!

  1. Eve says:

    That hotel looks like so much fun!! Beautiful! I’m really enjoying reading your posts, even though I don’t get much of a chance to make comments. Hope you are all well!

  2. Delores Mast says:

    A book you say?? Yes, I know he could do it! Looks like a lovely date.

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