Did you know? Post #1

Okay, in the interest of getting myself to blog more (blogging slump),  I’m going to post some odd/fun things about Thailand that you may or may not already know. To be clear, I’m talking about our little corner of Thailand- Samut Prakan, suburb of Bangkok. Things tend to be a little different here than in the country-side. Anyway, so, #1 did you know…..

About big eye contacts? Apparently, it’s a trend to look like a Japanese anime character. So, Korea imports these contacts that enlarge the iris part of the eye. It’s pretty amazing- I pride myself on being able to always pick up on when someone is wearing them.  Colored ones are, in my opinion, super creepy. Ie: if you wear green over brown, it turns the eyes all muddy and (again, my opinion), the anime veers into  zombie/alien territory. Three of my students wear big eyes and I can never get over being taken aback by it. Please embrace your lovely Asian eyes, my friends!

Japanese Anime Character

Big eye contacts

Can you think of an equivalent in American culture?


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