Book Page Birds

One of our little, simple Christmas crafts this year was book page birds. Sorry to the “Christy” book which was totally ravaged for this project. First, we had fun painting the paper with tea- not strictly necessary but gave the pages a little bit of a vintage look and was really fun.  Then we cut out the bird template and wing and did a few layers of those, adding white glitter, a ribbon and twig leg. Eliza got some good practice with scissors and we both loved this little project. We made a little garland of them to hang by the tree. ♥ Instructions for how to make your own if you’re interested (and much prettier examples!)…

Recycled book page birds

While we were going crazy with book pages, I thought it would be fun to make some of these very simple book page flowers to embellish my newspaper and twine wrapped gifts. Very simple tutorial and pretty picture from Holly Mathis Interiors

My favorite crafts are super easy and simple- few supplies and instant gratification is what I’m going for! We also did some other fun “toddler” crafts like the glitter ornaments/paper trees. I would like to do a lot more but it feels like the days are going by so quickly before Christmas! I wish there were twice the number of  links on the countdown chain! New favorite activity is listening to The Messiah in parts at night with candles lit by the manger scene. Last night we also had fun doing family drawing on my new big roll of paper from Ikea- Christmas themed.  Some of my favorites were Eliza’s “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” and Claire’s reindeer. We are having a joyful Advent- hope you are too!


P.S. That is Silas’s new stocking in the header. I was trying to find something in the same style as the girls but a little more boyish. I was so happy with this vintage linen stocking I found on Etsy. I can’t even tell you how fun it was to get that package all wrapped up pretty and shipped from London!

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