Heidi Time

This past week, Tom was at a conference on Anabaptism in the Thai church in another part of Thailand (Borabu) and we had Heidi (2 yrs), the daughter of friends who also attended the conference.  It was a wild and fun four days! It was such a good experience for Silas to have some practice in sharing his things and we had a lot of fun getting to know Heidi and her fun little personality.  We were all impressed by her Thai ability. I wish I had her accent! She sure missed her mom and dad was was delighted to be reunited with her family on Thursday night, but we hope she had fun and will come back to visit us again!

Heidi and Silas dancing to some Thai Sunday school songs.

Clearly really into it.

Play doh time

rolling out the gingerbread dough

fun with flour


Silas learns to share

making glitter ornaments for our paper trees


One thought on “Heidi Time

  1. brittany says:

    Favorite pictures = Heidi and Silas dancing to Thai Sunday school songs and the picture of Silas and Heidi at breakfast (she looks so tired and scared!)

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