G and M

We had a brief visit from family (Tom’s cousin) over the weekend. It was so fun to see them. I told Michelle that she made me miss the whole family! Here they are having some curry and roti at an old hole-in-the-wall restaurant on the river in Bangkok.

Claire and Eliza dig into their roti beneath a picture of a former king of Thailand.

Anyway, backing up to the beginning of their visit, they spent some time in the city on Friday where Tom went to teach a class. They visited a mall and a shrine to get a taste of the city and then we went out all together near our neighborhood for a big Thai seafood dinner….whole fried fish, shrimp curry, shrimp cakes, spicey fruit salad (lime chilis, fish sauce, and sugar), cashew chicken, etc. It was a fun night of catching up, even though traffic was a bit awful. We brought the songtaew (bench truck) home and strolled back through our neighborhood.

Cousins at dinner.

Saturday we did some more city exploring. We took the boat up the Chao Phraya river and stopped off to see Wat Arun.

Sneaking in a little running before they had to slow down and be respectful.

It’s been awhile since we visited Wat Arun. Evidence:

March, 2007

The steps are scary steep! Michelle kindly helped Eliza down the mountain.

Silas really liked this little statue- they bonded over height and finger pointing type stuff.

We’d never seen the river so full and some places, like this park along the water were still partly flooded. Eliza liked hanging out on her island here.

Tom took them to the overnight train after our big day. It was a short two days, but really good to be with family again and to spend time catching up with each other and exploring the city. You’re in our prayers, Greg and Michelle!


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