Thanksgiving Evening

In the week leading up to Thanksgiving we did some drawings of the things we felt thankful for. Apparently everything from sushi to firetrucks.

The kids did a little art, pre- Thanksgiving dinner with new friend on our team, Brennan. It was cute to see Claire play the role of babysitter or nursery school teacher. She was quite a good little activities director while the moms were busy in the kitchen.

Fall tree.

Garland made from the REAL DEAL, actual fall leaves from Harrisonburg, VA! Thanks to my sister, Anita for knowing that I need a little annual dose of fall even in 90 degree heat.

Eliza helped me make placecards using pasta letters.

Peek of pumpkin pie. The meal was a group effort. I got to do my favorite…baking.

Did you know we have pumpkins in Thailand? They are the green, Japanese variety, but taste just the same. In Thai dishes they tend to show up in soups and a custard-y dessert. Apparently we were all too busy eating to take pictures of ourselves at the table.

New friends, Joe and Lynn have lived in Thailand about a week (on right). Amy Provost (left) is a college student who got flooded out of her university and has been living in our office apartment for a few weeks.

Tom’s cousin, Michelle and her husband Greg (on right) showed up from the airport just in time to eat dinner with us!! So happy to have them here too. And that’s Nixon and the lovely Colleen (who did a lot of cooking herself).

We are always thankful for our team to get together with at holiday times and we had a really fun/delicious evening together!


One thought on “Thanksgiving Evening

  1. Joelle says:

    Candice, I love love love all your ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family! Those kidos are getting so big, and so grown up! I also appreciate how you include team members in celebrations… I’m just thinking back to the REACH days and how we found such a haven in your homey home. Thanks for how you served us, and how you continue to include your team! It just inspires me to make “family” out of friends here. You’re awesome! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

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