Snow White and the One dwarf

Last week, Claire and Eliza had a lot of time on their hands, with being out of school due to the floods. During the hours that they disappeared into their room, they decided to come up with a suprise for the rest of us. Claire would come downstairs shaking her hand saying she had written pages and pages and they were buzzing with excitement about their surprise. Finally it was ready, and we were invited upstairs to the show: Snow White and the One Dwarf. Claire explained that if there were seven dwarves it would have been a “disaster”: not enough actors.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The One Dwarf screams in terror upon finding Snow White asleep in his bed.

Snow White gasps when the witch says “Here my dear, have an apple.”

Snow white asleep in her glass coffin.

Script, crumpling thanks to Silas.

Obviously, we loved it and they even gave an encore performance so that I could take pictures. 🙂 Claire told me that in writing the script they really tried to: “use the most romantic words we could think of, not just plain words.” So “cried” became “mourned greatly” and “had” became “gave birth”, etc. 🙂 I loved that she included stage directions in the script like: curtain down, snow white humming makes a cake, witch is furious, pulls at hat, etc.


4 thoughts on “Snow White and the One dwarf

  1. thailand says:

    Too cute! Those girls are so creative. I love it.

  2. brittany says:

    Too cute! Those girls are so creative. I love it 🙂

  3. Okay…this is another extremely cute thing they are doing! It is still hard for me to fathom that one day my kids will run off and come back with their homemade costumes! I think you are a great mom Candice by encouraging creativity and helping you in the kitchen, etc!

  4. Dad R. says:

    haha, what fun!! Great description too. It was like i was there. I’m proud of my extremely creative nieces! -Uncle Philip at Dad’s house.

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