Dates, Two Ways

Oh my, we miss those Reach girls! With no babysitters, Tom and I have had to get creative with our date nights. We still enjoy our “at home” Friday night dates after the kids go to bed (usually pizza or curried crab and a movie). For out of the house dates, we’ve tried to do a few lunch dates on days when all the kids are in school…Here we are at Fuji, a Japanese restaurant having some sushi and salmon.

The other way we do dates now is with the kids- we call it “family date.” We like to go to a playland and salad bar or go to a museum and get burgers. Last week we went to the library and then had the most amazing fried chicken! It’s a Korean chain that’s all around the world (including New York) called Bon Chon. We all thought it was super yummy- really thin crispy skin and a soy/garlic flavor. Wow. We had such a good morning browsing books, reading in the bean bag chairs and then munching our wings and watching pigeons on the electric wires out the window. We’re learning that dates can still be fun when we take the kids along- just a little less romantic. 🙂

– Sorry for the bad cell phone pics- we get tired of dragging our big camera around.


One thought on “Dates, Two Ways

  1. I think I first heard of “home dates” from you. Although, we really haven’t done it like I would like for us to do unless eating and watching the Mentalist counts after the kids go to bed! BUT, thanks for the idea. I do hope we can start that more often. And, I’m glad you guys survived the fair. I felt slightly stressed reading the first half and then really tickled reading the second half.

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