Swimming with Hope

We are all missing Daddy around here! Tom reports a good trip (in Indonesia) so far but this weekend he is traveling outside the city, so we don’t have contact with him at the moment. We’re getting along okay around here. The girls are putting stickers on their Pick A Project charts and doing all kinds of activities from math to baking to art. Today we’re having a paper doll Bible story (Ruth and Naomi), working on some Bible memory, and hopefully we’ll make a grocery/playground run. The rain has been pouring down this weekend so we’re ready to escape the house for a little (at least I am!). Here are a few pictures of our fun day at the pool with my friend Chaweewan and her daughter Hope (9 yrs). Although the girls have a language barrier it didn’t stop them from having a really great time and laughing their heads off. Claire said, “We understand each other without talking a lot.”


2 thoughts on “Swimming with Hope

  1. Bernie Geiser says:

    Glad I checked in….will be praying for you while Tom is away. Enjoy these moments with your three kids…time goes way too fast. love the pictures & seeing what all you are doing. Hugs to you all, Aunt Bernie

  2. Aunt A says:

    I remember feeling that way at Rancho Sordo Mudo–somehow the language barrier matters less when you’re a kid.

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