Little Happenings

Apologies for the slow posting lately. This month has been one crazy happening after another as many of you know. Although we’ve been having hard times, there have been very good times mixed in too. Here are just a few pictures of some of the little happenings of the last few weeks/month. Tom is in Indonesia this week, so I’m sure I’ll find some more time to post- time seems to slow way down when he’s away and we’re on school holiday spending all our days at home.

I don’t think we ever mentioned here that Claire was in a dance and helped MC her school’s English Program Grand Show. Isn’t she fancy??

Had to show your proofs of Silas’s school pics. 🙂

Eliza too. She’s “graduates” from her school in February and plans to start full time homeschool after our trip to America.

I love finding art projects for Eliza and I on Pinterest. We’ve had fun lately making taped-off geometric art (above), making sidewalk paint and this week we’re making glue paintings and fingerprint art. Pinterest is full of creativity!

I love the girls’ new habit of leaving love notes and encouraging thoughts on their white boards in the kitchen and by the front door.

– More soon! Candice


One thought on “Little Happenings

  1. Beth says:

    i love the pictures! especially silas’s school pictures =]

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