Master Silas turns 3!

Remember the sign on Silas’s little crib when he was in the hospital? We thought that “Master Silas” was so funny. 🙂 Now Claire calls her teachers “Master” and it sounds slightly less strange. 🙂

Anyway, Master Silas had a birthday! Well, at least we lead him to believe it was actually his birthday. 🙂 Since the 23rd is a school day, we celebrated on Saturday with a trip to the library, Burger King, and the Aquarium, followed by presents and a little “fish” party.

Some things you may or may not know about our 3 year old boy:

Favorite movie: Hiro of the Rails (Thomas the tank engine) and any Peep movies
Favorite book(s): The Story of Ping and Bear Detectives: The Case of the Missing Pumpkin (vintage Berenstein Bears)
Odd things about him: He likes sleeping right on the hard floor beside his soft mattress, he’s not a good eater, he picks his nose,he likes to wear a diaper and a hero cape
Favorite shirts are “Zebra” and “Lightening McQueen”
Favorite breakfast: hot oatmeal
Favorite thing to play: Super Why, school with Eliza, and trains.
Favorite belongings: Thomas trains, bed bear, his new pedal racecar, Thomas backpack, books
Best friend: he always says “Bed Bear” and now a friend from school who’s a baby girl named “Mook” and who he calls “Monk”

He also loves digging in the dirt, reading with Eliza before school, drinking yogurt boxes, jumping on the bed, running, playing on the playground, eating gummy candy, chewing gum, dancing, showing off for crowds, watching Tom and Jerry, waking up in the morning (morning person), milk, school, and listening to his radio.

He’s an entertaining kid for sure! We spend a lot of time laughing at what comes out of his mouth and watching his goofy antics. 🙂 LOVE YOU, SI!


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