Around Our House

Around our house in August…

We said good-bye to our sweet Reach friends (this is Rachel Yutzy). We were sad to see these guys go- they were so fun to be around and did such a great job at all of their outreach opportunities. We loved their positivity and they were great with our kids. We’ll miss you guys!

Celebrated the birthday of our dear friend, Colleen.

She’s an amazing friend to our whole family (especially me!) and we are so thankful she’s on our team here! Happy birthday, Co!

Silas and Nixon. We got to hang out with our team a lot this month between Reach good-bye parties, worship, Co’s b’day and a gallo pinto meal together. Now Dan is heading to the States for a month so we won’t all be together for awhile.

Somehow I find Silas and Eliza to be extra cute when they read together in the morning before school. Maybe it’s because they look more alike in their uniforms?

Silas cleans up rainwater. Five years in and we still have that very same leak in our living room! The rainy season continues.

Eliza reads the comics.

I got some precious mother’s day cards…for Thai mother’s day which was celebrated on the Queen’s birthday this past week. Silas made this one at school and it’s decorated with the traditional gift- a jasmine flower.

Claire and Eliza each made me two or three cards each in school- in Thai, English and Chinese! 🙂

It’s been a full and fun month so far and so much to look forward too coming up!


One thought on “Around Our House

  1. Aunt A says:

    Never realized what similar profiles Si and E have!

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