Guess what? Tom finally got to see his favorite English soccer team play! They came to Bangkok as part of their Asia tour and so of course, we had to go! Even better, my long-term student and friend Sao works for a sports media company so we got free tickets. πŸ™‚ This was an “extra” date in July because we knew it was our last chance to use our wonderful Reach babysitters! We will miss our nights out!
(sorry for the kind of bad cell phone pics)

Before the game we stopped at a Snowy Chewy for some weird ice cream. Our kids like to go to the one in our neighborhood. It’s a very light, fluffy, shaved ice ice cream- it’s a bit like eating snow, not as much the chewy part. We love the passion fruit flavor and I got mine with mandarin oranges. πŸ™‚

Getting excited for the game to start. We had to stand outside the entrance and gobble all the food we bought since they wouldn’t let us take it in!

It was a huge crowd.

Most Thais are big English football fans because the Thai teams are not so great. They were conflicted at this game- cheer for the Thailand All Star team or Chelsea. How about both! πŸ™‚

Final score, Clelsea 4, Thailand 0. It was fun to see so many goals and to be at such a big event with so many people. We left five minutes early, nabbed a motorcycle (he took both of us at once- funny!) and got out of there ahead of the massive crowd- shew- that could have taken hours!


One thought on “Chelsea

  1. Kris says:

    I love that you have a blog separate from your “ministry” blog again. (You “boring” family life and activities are ministry too.) Love you guys! πŸ™‚

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